L’Enfer c’est les autres

I’ve potentially used this title already, but I’m thinking it again. I’m reading _The NFT Handbook_ (cuz I may be a dumbass too), and I’m reading about the advent of the NFT, which entails learning about “breeding” digital cats for cash.

When I learn this type of stuff, I become sad. Once upon a time, I believed people would grow smarter because of The Internet, but often, it seems like there’s a new venue for human idiocy.

I don’t know how to encourage people to “level up,” and maybe that is a mere fantasy anyway. After all, humans are primates. But there’s an entire civilization here, and a lot of people died [at the stake and/or young] for us to degenerate too, too much at this juncture.

Like I know everyone wants to be rich and famous and live forever, but like… why? Once in a while, there’ll be someone worth preserving, but it seems like a lot of folks want to be rewarded for things that happened, for instance, before they were even born. Like, I think running water indoors is super-cool, but I know that doesn’t give me distinct value. Nor should it! I just ran the faucet. It seems like people are visiting a website and getting the impression they built the site, ran the company, and did all the PR on the side. I don’t know why this is—maybe those are ChatGPT features. But somewhere along the way, society wanted kids to have self-esteem; that seems to have crossed over into vanity.

In other words, GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

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