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A little less than two years ago, I had a series of strokes, which was extremely disruptive, but I fully acknowledge I was extremely fortunate. I will also add that “fat-shaming” is unhelpful (get a better hobby), but I don’t believe in “Healthy at Any Size.” I saw numerous overweight people at rehab. That is a tough row to hoe, as they say. I’ve long prioritized physical fitness, and the benefits are numerous.

Anyway, I mention this, cuz the stroke/s was/were a real wakeup call for me. Before I experienced a stroke, what happens on earth next was not anything I thought about. And I still believe there’s a reasonable “Who cares?” argument. But I am very aware that my life has been made far easier by previous generations. Moreover, I felt like I was just another cog in the wheel. However, I see now that we’re all cogs in the wheel, but we _really_ need that wheel.

All throughout my life, I’ve benefitted from the contributions of others. From the time I wake until I sleep, countless people contributed: indoor plumbing, electricity, running water, the Haber-Bosch machine. For all the problems in our world today, we “have it good.” Countless people have given us so much, and I’m of the belief it’s our responsibility to pay them back by paying it forward.

We had the good fortune of being born during a time of relative peace and relative prosperity. These are items that are not uniformly distributed, but I’m typing this on my phone while my dog sleeps across my lap. Obviously conditions could be better / more just / etc., but it’s been a while since we burned folks we labeled as heretics at the stake (actually… do they do that in the middle east anywhere?). I mention all this for two reasons:

  • It’s important to remember
  • There’s still more to do, both large and small

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