Before The Robots Take Over

Or maybe they already have. For those of you who are a certain age, you probably remember the unabomber aka Ted Kazynsky. You see, Ted was a pretty smart guy. He went to Harvard and then he decided to leave society behind and become an anonymous mail-bomber. I guess this is why he’s only “pretty” smart rather than “really” smart. Anyway, Ted believed that technology would lead us to ruin. It’s starting to look more and more like that’s indeed the trajectory.

Once upon a time, the hope was that technology would save us [from ourselves]. But at this moment, it’s looking more like The Matrix. Once upon a time, it _seemed_ like we would use computer tech to improve societal conditions. As of now, it seems like we found a way to take mass idiocy online. Rather than use computers to make folks smarter, we’re finding innovative new ways to obviate humans. I think the next step is to send a robot back in time to kill John Conor as a youth.

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