That Time I Went to Hell

As I mentioned, a couple years ago (almost), I experienced some strokes, and I was hospitalized for a couple months (during which time, Queen Elizabeth died, in case I wasn’t confused enough).

Anyway, during the time I was drugged in the hospital, I spent some time hallucinating. Specifically, I thought leather was made from human skin. I also thought my high school now had a third floor. There were others, but those are the high points.

There was a severe storm while I was hospitalized, and I had hallucinations related to that too. Basically, I used to be mostly ambivalent about drugs. Like, careful how you spend your time, but /shrug. Now, I am opposed to altered states of consciousness. Following the time I spent hospitalized and drugged, I’m enthusiastic about lucidity. I _think_ this means we gotta be careful to make lucidity worth wanting. Startinnnnnnnng…

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