Numerology & ESP

Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve had interest in both numerology and ESP. I suspect this was before local parents declared such books against God, fortunately. I remember one book at the school library in particular that I especially loved as a first-grader. It covered subjects such as Uri Gellar (turned out to be a fraud, I think) and dome cities (which have still to materialize).

Anyway, ESP was very appealing to me as a child cuz it meant waiting was optional—if you were special. Now that I’m an old, I see that waiting patiently can have value, too.

I have carried a predilection for numerology with me into adulthood as if it has some kind of validity, tho I have no idea why. Like here’s the thing: numbers were invented by humans, too. So if there were some way to glean a deep truth or tell the future or something, wouldn’t it like uhhh not use numbers. Or like, why is it Base-10? So many questions.

I suspect a major reason for the appeal of any kind of numerology is that offers a way to make sense of things that can’t otherwise be explained. Moreover, it’s sort of a puzzle and humans *love* puzzles. They also love explanations and esoterica. And so numerology offers a trifecta.

And so I should probably move on, but the appeal of numerology is intense. It passes the time and can fill in for a better answer when none is available. All hail the numbers!

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