Often, I find myself feeling conflicted: on one hand, I’m relieved to be alive, and I’m further relieved my ex left me. Some people have been extremely good to me, too. I should keep that in mind, for _sure_. When I add it up, I feel extremely fortunate. At the same time, I would’ve preferred zero strokes. But if I did not have a stroke, I was on a path to marry my ex, and I see now that would’ve been a regrettable and limiting mistake. In a short period of time, she taught me some extremely valuable lessons by leaving me when the going got tough.

Still, like I said, it’s still conflicting, mostly cuz I have to figure out this eyesight thing, so I can (A) see normally, (B) drive, (C) walk without a cane, (D) inspire (myself and) the next generations, and (E) do a lot more. On one hand, I feel limited by my sight but at least I’m not limited by another person!

I wanted to say something specific, but my clock alarm just notified me that it’s time to stop the bloggery.

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