Blinded by the Sunlight

I’m in NH and have gotten a condo here. I’ve been in it for nearly a month, and I’m still largely without furniture. Supposedly my big chair is arriving tomorrow, but I was supposed to get a couch on Saturday and did not, so we will see.

Other than doing move-in stuff, I’ve been mostly reading and working out. I’ve been doing acupuncture, too, and next week (June), I’m scheduled for neurofeedback. I shaved my head (4-guard) to prepare.

Here’s something I don’t understand: I recently learned that I had been mis-guessing about where in my head strokes occurred. Because I’d felt some numbness in my right foot, I’d assumed all three of the strokes I experienced were on the same side. In fact, the hemorrhagic stroke and the other embolic stroke were on the right side, suggesting I recovered from those. Additionally, I love to read and to lift weights, and I can do those. As I’ve mentioned, I get double-vision, which can get super-annoying when I’m trying to read, but I’m able to manage. This makes me wonder if I’m somehow holding myself back—like perhaps there’s a psychological obstacle. When my ex-fiancée left, I distinctly remember my sight suddenly “disappearing.” However, when my friend visited shortly after that, I commented that he had two heads: his normal one and a small one on his shoulder. However, over time, I now see pretty much everything doubled but very close together: one out of my left eye and one out of my right. Their heads are similar in size, tho. All I know is that I want stereoscopic eyesight very much.

I acknowledge that my brain has got to do the remaining work. And based on the fact that people don’t have a tiny head now, it seems like my sight has improved. Given that, I suspect it can improve further. Given that, I can’t help but wonder if something’s in the way.

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