Back Again

So I’m back in New Hampshire, as I seek to avoid the heat ever since I experienced a stroke during a heat wave. As Public Intellectual George W Bush once said, “There’s a saying in Tennessee…. Well, we have it in Texas, I assume you have in Tennessee… Fool me once, shame on… shame on…. Fool me, can’t be fooled.”

Anyway, I’m here now at the hotel where I was last year, though I want to get into a house asap. My trainer back in TX pointed out that the hotel gym kinda sucks. And it does. Like, it’s _ok_, but I can do better. The problem with real estate here is that the ceilings are so low. Once in a while, I find a good property on Zillow, but quite often, it’s a 65+ community, and the agent neglected to choose the correct option. As an aside, why do they have high ceilings in 65+ communities? That puzzles me. But I digress.

Anyway, I’m back in NH and will be attending acupuncture and brainspotting soon. I also plan to resume neurofeedback asap, and I can also do vision therapy here, if necessary. I really want to restore stereoscopic eyesight asap. And then I want to get a house with high ceilings and a garage, at which point I can/will ship my car to myself. At which point my dog will ride with me and wear sunglasses, which are available at America’s store,

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