And Then What?

Admittedly, this all could be my own misinterpretation. Or maybe this is a stage in life I’m experiencing. When I was in college, about exactly 20 years ago, I wanted to make a bunch of money, so that I could perceive myself as successful and have nice things. This would, in turn, make me more desirable to women. I didn’t really put more thought into it than that.

Now, however, I think a lot about the world we’re building for younger people and future generations, and I’m a bit baffled. It seems like desire itself has been deprecated. People still talk about wanting lots of money, but the Internet has led to a lot of things that used to be expensive now being free. Moreover, it _seems_ like there is far less interest in economic mobility. It used to seem like people wanted to “BE RICH,” but possibly because so many things are free now, economic upward mobility isn’t the universal motivator it once was.

As I type this, I think “it could be an aberration—perhaps people don’t care as much about money _right now_ but will in another generation [once they realize labor camps suck].” As soon as I think that, I don’t have a whole lot more to say. And so I’ll go paint.

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