Two things

Three, actually…  And these things sprawl quickly so I’ll be concise:

1.  Today, I saw someone retweet a link to a blog post by Josh Marshall, a long-time political blogger whose writing I’ve long respected.  He wrote two things that seemed salient to me:

I think the key issue is how different people understand their relationship with the state (in this case the US government) and the national political community as a whole and the relationship between the two.

Sounds about right.  He later added:

At the end of the day, for all its faults, the US military is the armed force of a political community I identify with and a government I support. I’m not a bystander to it. I’m implicated in what it does and I feel I have a responsibility and a right to a say, albeit just a minuscule one, in what it does. I think a military force requires a substantial amount of secrecy to operate in any reasonable way.

At this point, I found myself remembering the thing he’d said about our understandings of our relationships with the state, and that was when I became very aware of my own self-perception.  By all rights, I am a privileged member of society and should feel safe, as if my interests are being protected against others, outsiders, but what has been presented to me throughout my life is, in essence, the narrative of the technocratic police state where the threat is allegedly the merger of business and technology, but it is more practically the subordination of the nerds by the jocks and the student council, who is actually operating on only limited authority; the real decisions are handed down by the school board, but nobody even knows who’s on that.  In any case, the student council has gotten so insular that they can’t even see how ridiculous they are with their faux sophistication and posturing.

I forgot what the second thing was and though I remembered the third, I didn’t like how it turned out after writing it up so this is it for today, thanks!