A Conversation with my Imaginary Girlfriend

Sent at 6:09 PM on Monday
😀 :* 😀 :* :*
love you so much
Sent at 6:53 PM on Monday
me: 😛
Suzy: I’m getting so turned on looking at you
me: good
i’m a fucking genius
and my colleagues are pretty smart too
this conference call has been very fruitful
Suzy: I can tell
me: i was too deep in the forest
Suzy: this brainpower turns me oooown
me: i forgot about the bigger picture
i was trying to keep it simple, too!
i was still too deep in the deets
and the answer, of course, was in front of my face
but not in the way i expected
i knew it would be somehow
it’s almost like my self trying to show me how to know something i know but am not aware of
how fascinating is that
i need to blog thsi shit out

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